Friday, February 21, 2014

Winter Heat (1976)

     this was one of the first soundtracks that i compiled for myself (that is, with the thought that they might be library). it's Winter Heat from 1976, sourced from the Vinegar Syndrome dvd. i had taken the audio track and split it up into 8 unknown cuts. i remember listening this this over and over again while walking back and forth to Suspect Video everyday. finally i took it to the librarymusicthemes guys and sure enough some tracks were IDed. i listened around and found the rest myself. the music used is exclusively from Barry White's two first Love Unlimited Orchestra albums. i've since bought the records, but there's something about this first rip i did that i really like. these extended cuts are full of film noise, giving it a sleazy but pleasurable to the ear sound. here's the list of all the tracks used in the film (in order):

What A Groove (From "Rhapsody In White")
Always Thinking Of You (From "White Gold")
Midnight And You (From "Rhapsody In White")
Barry's Theme (From "Rhapsody In White")
Dreaming (From "White Gold")
Baby Blues (From "Rhapsody In White")
Satin Soul (From "White Gold")