Friday, December 12, 2014

Double Your Pleasure (1978)

     alright, i just got the final record to this one in the mail today, so now we finally have the complete soundtrack. it's Carter Stevens' film Double Your Pleasure from 1978. he always picks the best stuff for his pornos. so you'll expect to hear tons of funk and disco on this one. it's killer all the way through, with tracks ranging from kpm to Bruton to Themes to Parry. it's a long soundtrack, definitely the largest selection of tracks for any porno i've seen. got this all identified, but not by myself. Stackjackson uploaded an old version of one kpm for me so i could ID some more tracks, then Retronic came in with a key album ID, then Porn_Library got a track, then lastly thelibrarysound came in with the last piece to the puzzle. so all fresh rips for this one. with myself providing half and Retronic providing the other half, with a track from Porn_Library too. since everyone was dying for Fraykers version, i decided to slap up some artwork myself too. this soundtrack is really great stuff, don't miss it. definitive edition, enjoy!

     and this was my favourite comment about the soundtrack. i took a screenshot of this back during the old librarymusicthemes days (before the board got taken down). click to read it:


  1. Hey Zach, I was just tooling around on my new machine and found this spot. I didn't know you had your own blog!! Cool beans, dude!

    Take care!