Thursday, November 27, 2014

Selected Sound - Cover Girl (1977)

     yeah this is another killer release from Selected Sound, and one that you never see floating around the net. it's "Cover Girl" from 1977. well about half of this record is killer, and the other half really isn't anything special. all the Carlo Savina tracks are kind of a bore to me, not my thing. the Andrzej Minkacz tracks on the other hand are dynamite, especially Dancing In The Street. i've come across some of these tracks on polish records under different names. i have to say though, my favourite track out of all of them is the lone track by Bogumil Starzynski, Show Is Open. great cover for this one too. (and since i said this on the old board: this one always reminds me of Stackjackson, since he loves his wordless vocals, haha).

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