Friday, June 5, 2015

Yell! - Let's Go! (1991)


     finally got my Yell! cd that i bought from japan like a month ago. first cd i've purchased a long while, and probably the lamest looking one i've ever bought, haha. this one's pretty damn rare to find, it's never circulated the internet. so i had only heard the three singles that were uploaded to youtube in terrible quality, except a good copy of the track Instant Replay. besides the singles hitting vinyl, the full album was pretty much only released on cd in japan. i thought it was finally time to buy this thing, since Instant Replay got me into late 80s/early 90s disco pop quite some time ago (funny enough the original version by Dan Hartman got me into original disco). there was a Pete Hammond track on here that i was dying to hear, and it doesn't disappoint. really nice long mix too, surprising for an album cut. but the main track i was itching to hear was one penned by Michael Jay. i was praying it'd be an uptempo one, and sure enough it was. One Touch Too Much is that classic catchy-as-hell jay sound, probably my favourite track of the whole album. 
     when i first put it into my computer, it wouldn't read at all. several attempts later and it still didn't work. so i just stuck it in my dvd player to listen to it. i thought i might have to old-school rip this thing, but luckily i tried it once more in my computer and it finally worked for some reason. i should have guessed that the inside would be written in japanese, didn't even cross my mind though. the only english text in it are names. it doesn't have the OBI strip that all japanese albums have either, not that it really matters though.

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