Monday, August 3, 2015

kpm - International Business (1981)

     i'm finally back up and running again. i couldn't rip anything for a while since my laptop had some grounding problems, there was interference on anything i ripped. well i finally got that problem fixed yesterday and i had to immediately rip this one. i've been dying to listen to this on the go, since it's one of my favourite library records out there. the only rip going around on the internet that i could find was a crappy mono rip. so here it is in all its stereo glory, the incredible orchestral disco of kpm's number 1254 "International Business", with Graham de Wilde supplying the insane sounds. the main international themes on here are all killer disco, not a bad one in the bunch. i can't even pick a favoruite since they're all golden. i've even added the quick descriptions to the track names so you know which ones are the main themes, and which are the shorter jingle ones. viscous gems all over this thing, i'm looking at you Troubleshooters. i can't believe no one ever mentions this record, but then again, maybe i'm just crazy with my love for this haha. large pics in the zip!


  1. This is a wunnerful upgrade for me! I think I must have had a copy of the same mono copy you listened to... :)

    Thanks, Zach!

    1. no problem, glad to hear! love this record so much.