Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Selected Sound - Romantic Moods (1980)

     another Selected Sound release for today, number 124 "Romantic Moods". i must admit that i bought this cause of the Lucky Simon pseudonym and the Gorny name alone, without really looking at what kind of tracks they actually were. was hoping the Gorny track would be upbeat, but it's not. some good laid bad grooves on here, can't say i'm crazy about the record though personally. i'm sure there's others out there that would appreciate this much more than me. though i do really like the two tracks Melancholy and Along The Coast. i remembered seeing this on Porn_Library's want list on the old library board (which kind of led me to want to buy this as well, haha). large pics in the zip as always.

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  1. Thanks for (more) Selected Sound 124!

    I'd forgotten about your blog, Zach. Can you ever forgive me?