Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Aerobic Dance Program: Volume One

     with the recent aerobics discussion i'd been having, thought i'd throw up this old comp i made. it started out as a soundtrack to Eroticise, but as i was doing that the video got taken down before i had a chance to save it, and i never found another copy since. so then i just scrapped all the Network tracks and just made up my own listing. boogie-pop and funky-disco from around like '79 to '85. i've stripped the real names and composers, cause it's funnier that way. and of course i had to manipulate my own artwork as always. 30 minute workout!

01. Warm-Up Exercise
02. Aerobic Exercise (#1)
03. Aerobic Exercise (#2)
04. Waist Exercise
05. Leg Exercise
06. Breather (30s)
07. Stomach Exercise
08. Arm Exercise
09. Hip Exercise
10. Aerobic Exercise (#3)
11. Aerobic Exercise (#4)
12. Cool-Down Exercise


  1. Thanks, Zach! Beautiful compilation. It's just about perfect, with some pretty hilarious tunes... Great cover art too!

  2. A treat for the ears!
    I've been gone too long, Zach, because I seem to have forgotten your many unique comps and SS rips on this blog.
    Thank you, Zach!!

  3. BIG BIG thanks man!!!
    Thanks for your hard work (for me to make a good rip is a hard work) and for all your previous rip choices they're marvelous!!!