Sunday, December 31, 2017

Another Year

     nothing like a site with no updates for nearly two years, and nothing better than Rocky IV on christmas, the greatest film of all time. must have watched this thing a million times by now. never gets old, in fact it gets better every time i watch it. so many great tunes throughout, No Easy Way Out, Heart's On Fire, and Burning Heart. the next film Rocky V also has a stellar soundtrack, don't sleep on the new jack swing and hip-hop in that one. such a vast difference between this in 1985 and that in 1990. got to give it to Survivor though, the song they supplied would have fit perfectly on either of their classic AOR albums, favourites being "When Seconds Count" and "Vital Signs", though "Too Hot To Sleep" has it's moments too.

oh and i really want a pair of adrian's white sorels.

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