Monday, February 5, 2018

Corinne Tell - I Should Be So Lucky (1988)

     this one had all the ingredients, the year, the look, japanese only, not one, but two stock aitken waterman covers. where did it all go wrong? this one was on my wantlist for a long time, and having heard no sound clips back then, it looked really promising. so i finally found one for dirt cheap and enlisted the help of a friend from the states to receive it, and ship it out to me (stinkin' amazon not shipping to canada). anyway i got it, popped it on and was pretty disappointed. the two SAW covers also mostly true to form, but the rest of the album has more of a italo disco flavour, something i'm not a big fan of. one tune that does seem to cross over the genres a bit is the first track, and that's the one included here.

     bare bones packaging, mostly in japanese and zero pictures. oh well, sometimes you just have to take a chance. didn't work out this time, but whatever.

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