Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Porn Library Presents: Erotic Cinema Fever

     this is an excellent compilation put together by Porn_Library. it's Erotic Cinema Fever with tunes from the 70s to the mid 80s. tons of library cuts from various pornos, with just a few non-library tracks. there's over 80 tracks on here, lots of disco and funk. i helped out in small part with a couple rips for him. helped with some french porno knowledge too. i also did the crazy artwork for this (from P_L's concept mock up of course). but all the credit goes to him, fantastic job. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Double Your Pleasure (1978)

     alright, i just got the final record to this one in the mail today, so now we finally have the complete soundtrack. it's Carter Stevens' film Double Your Pleasure from 1978. he always picks the best stuff for his pornos. so you'll expect to hear tons of funk and disco on this one. it's killer all the way through, with tracks ranging from kpm to Bruton to Themes to Parry. it's a long soundtrack, definitely the largest selection of tracks for any porno i've seen. got this all identified, but not by myself. Stackjackson uploaded an old version of one kpm for me so i could ID some more tracks, then Retronic came in with a key album ID, then Porn_Library got a track, then lastly thelibrarysound came in with the last piece to the puzzle. so all fresh rips for this one. with myself providing half and Retronic providing the other half, with a track from Porn_Library too. since everyone was dying for Fraykers version, i decided to slap up some artwork myself too. this soundtrack is really great stuff, don't miss it. definitive edition, enjoy!

     and this was my favourite comment about the soundtrack. i took a screenshot of this back during the old librarymusicthemes days (before the board got taken down). click to read it:

Friday, December 5, 2014

Wicked Sensations (1980)

     here's my favourite track featured in the 1980 porno Wicked Sensations. the track is called Nights Of Cologne and was penned by Berry Lipman and Harald Rosenstein. it was originally found on the Selected Sound library from 1976, through the ST series record "Music Racers". the track was performed by the Rex Brown Company and the same version can also be found on the much later 1983 ST release "Dance & Romance". great disco track, ripped from my newly acquired copy of "Music Racers".

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Lusty Ladies (1978)

     here's a worthless garbage porno that happened to introduce me to a really fantastic track. i put up some tracks from Lusty Ladies on the old library board, thinking that these were library tracks. turns out they weren't and Porn_Library recognized the tune i wanted the most. it's C'mon Dance The Night Away from the same year as the film by Harold Wheeler. there is an instrumental version on the flip-side of the 12" that i really need to get. there's two other great tracks that are still unknown to me. this awesome disco track, and another disco track with a classical edge.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Selected Sound - Cover Girl (1977)

     yeah this is another killer release from Selected Sound, and one that you never see floating around the net. it's "Cover Girl" from 1977. well about half of this record is killer, and the other half really isn't anything special. all the Carlo Savina tracks are kind of a bore to me, not my thing. the Andrzej Minkacz tracks on the other hand are dynamite, especially Dancing In The Street. i've come across some of these tracks on polish records under different names. i have to say though, my favourite track out of all of them is the lone track by Bogumil Starzynski, Show Is Open. great cover for this one too. (and since i said this on the old board: this one always reminds me of Stackjackson, since he loves his wordless vocals, haha).

Friday, November 21, 2014

Rouge - Let The Music Play (1977)

     here is one that i had to buy immediately upon first listen, actually within the first couple seconds really, it's Rouge's "Let The Music Play" from 1977. actually i only listened to the title track and instantly was hooked. it's certainly the best track i've heard in a long while. the whole a-side on this thing is flawless, such great stuff. Jack Trombey really delivers the goods. some Barry White rip-off alerts on here, and they're fantastic. the flip side is great too. the piano on Bourree is so damn catchy, been stuck in my head all day. my rip is a little crispy. when i bought it, the description of the product clearly stated near mint, and it's far from it. i took the annoying pops out. still, for me it doesn't get in the way of the music at all, cause it's so damn good. yeah i started peeling the stickers off, and obviously that didn't work out.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Selected Sound - Please Love Me Again (1977)

     here's one that hasn't been floating around. from my favourite library Selected Sound, "Please Love Me Again" from 1977. some real dynamite tracks on here, with the winner for me being the title track. it's so damn catchy. only two sub-par tracks, the rest are indeed 'super hits'. you'll definitely recognize some tracks here. i didn't even notice the writing/mark on the cover until i took the photo. luckily i was able to get most of it off. hope you enjoy!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Programme Music - Choice Morsels (1978)

     this one is a pure classic to me. every single track on here is great. the only rip i found online didn't do it justice, so i ripped by copy. it's "Choice Morsels" from Programme Music, 1978. i'm sure you all have it, but this is definitely an upgrade. some porno alerts on here. the two best tracks, Friday Night Fever and Making Waves, were featured in MisBehavin'. which was from the same year as this record.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Winter Heat (1976)

     this was one of the first soundtracks that i compiled for myself (that is, with the thought that they might be library). it's Winter Heat from 1976, sourced from the Vinegar Syndrome dvd. i had taken the audio track and split it up into 8 unknown cuts. i remember listening this this over and over again while walking back and forth to Suspect Video everyday. finally i took it to the librarymusicthemes guys and sure enough some tracks were IDed. i listened around and found the rest myself. the music used is exclusively from Barry White's two first Love Unlimited Orchestra albums. i've since bought the records, but there's something about this first rip i did that i really like. these extended cuts are full of film noise, giving it a sleazy but pleasurable to the ear sound. here's the list of all the tracks used in the film (in order):

What A Groove (From "Rhapsody In White")
Always Thinking Of You (From "White Gold")
Midnight And You (From "Rhapsody In White")
Barry's Theme (From "Rhapsody In White")
Dreaming (From "White Gold")
Baby Blues (From "Rhapsody In White")
Satin Soul (From "White Gold")