Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Aerobic Dance Program: Volume One

     with the recent aerobics discussion i'd been having, thought i'd throw up this old comp i made. it started out as a soundtrack to Eroticise, but as i was doing that the video got taken down before i had a chance to save it, and i never found another copy since. so then i just scrapped all the Network tracks and just made up my own listing. boogie-pop and funky-disco from around like '79 to '85. i've stripped the real names and composers, cause it's funnier that way. and of course i had to manipulate my own artwork as always. 30 minute workout!

01. Warm-Up Exercise
02. Aerobic Exercise (#1)
03. Aerobic Exercise (#2)
04. Waist Exercise
05. Leg Exercise
06. Breather (30s)
07. Stomach Exercise
08. Arm Exercise
09. Hip Exercise
10. Aerobic Exercise (#3)
11. Aerobic Exercise (#4)
12. Cool-Down Exercise

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Annica - Annica (1990)

     this is a special one for me, i'm always returning to this album. i found out about this by looking through japanese singles from '89. heard the opening track I Can't Deny A Broken Heart and was instantly hooked, just an outstanding tune. there's a nice remix of it at the end of the CD too. this thing's pretty damn great all the way through. hard to find as it was only released in japan, it's worth the slightly high price though. she had put out an impossible to find swedish-only CD prior to this too. luckily half of the tracks were ported over to this CD, with some of them having to be changed to english. anyway this thing whole thing is pure gold. decided to upload the last track, great album cut. when i went to take a picture of it with the christmas lights, i dropped the damn thing and the bottom hinge broke. oh well. i even made a shirt out of the cover, there's a picture of it at the bottom of the post.