Saturday, February 28, 2015

Debbie Does Dallas (1978)

     this was kind of an ID thread on the old board, since i didn't know what one of the tracks were. luckily with the guidance of Lord Thames we found the one remaining unknown track. it's the famous porno Debbie Does Dallas from 1978. the rest of the soundtrack is the same five cuts from Standard Music Library #128 used multiple times. i remember downloading that record, hearing the first track and instantly going "hey! that's that track from debbie!" i was blown away. so for fun, i decided to make a mix again. this time around though, the tracks are more chopped up and heavily edited. as a result, the run time is a delightful eight and a half minutes. some rendered artwork again (this one was a little trickier). enjoy!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Golden Ring Records - Keep Fit (1975)

     here was my first rip for the new librarymusicthemes board. for some reason i had the title track stuck in my head the other day, so i ripped it for myself and thought others might enjoy it too. here we have a 1975 Golden Ring Records output titled "Keep Fit". a good mix of a few discoy tracks, with light and breezy laid back type stuff. the two tracks that really stick out to me are Never Mind and Touch And GoPlatform To Romance and Keep Fit are really great too, so be sure not to miss those ones. i took pics of the inner sleeve too, since it shows a bunch of their releases on it.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

kpm - Pulse of the City (1978)

     here's one of my all time favourite records from the kpm library. Rick Morcombe and Geoff Castle both kill all over this funky as hell record. it's kpm's "Pulse of the City" from 1978. it contains a few cuts that would become the first porno tracks that i happened to ID myself. after that i had to buy the record too. my favourite three tracks, which are City LightsStreet Hustle and Saturday Night Driver, all appear in the Swedish Erotica short Seka for Christmas from 1979. that's where i first heard them. all the cuts on here though have appeared in many a porno. this is a damn good record!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Champagne Orgy (1978)

     what we have here is a mix i made of a bunch of the tunes that play in the 1978 porno Champagne Orgy. the tracks span many libraries, from Bruton to kpm to Parry to Themes, etc. the whole film is constant disco and funk, so i cut out some songs to keep the mix just under a half hour. for atmosphere, i started it off with some rare trailer bits, then a cut straight from the film in the middle of the mix, and ended with a little more trailer bits. the rest is all straight from the library records, with some tracks edited and such to make them flow together. the theme song plays first, then it's a mix of tracks from various points in the porno. and there's some rendered artwork i made (cause i always need the visuals), enjoy!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Studio One - Pearls (1976)

     this one ton a few cracks to rip, since the spindle hole for this record is massive and it took a while to get it all centered. it's masterful disco from the great Gerhard Narholz (under about forty aliases). it's Studio One's "Pearls" from 1976. my favourites of the bunch are In Love ForeverSay Yes! and Face To Face. the strings on If Love Is Young are insane too. it's a classic library record to me, and i've never seen it shared online before. actually this was a blind-buy myself, was just a thrown in with a few other records i wanted. turns out this was the best of the bunch.

Coed Fever (1980)

     here's a little mix i put together of an unknown string piece that plays in film. i put some disco drumming over it a few months back cause i liked it so much, one of the Disco Medium drum beats from Robert Hall if i remember correctly. had to do some rejiggering with the tracks to get them to flow. it's not the best track that plays in the film though. cause there's an unknown Don Great disco track i really love and would kill for a clean copy of. i cut it up into two different files, one with dialogue in it, and one that was more clean