Sunday, November 30, 2014

Lusty Ladies (1978)

     here's a worthless garbage porno that happened to introduce me to a really fantastic track. i put up some tracks from Lusty Ladies on the old library board, thinking that these were library tracks. turns out they weren't and Porn_Library recognized the tune i wanted the most. it's C'mon Dance The Night Away from the same year as the film by Harold Wheeler. there is an instrumental version on the flip-side of the 12" that i really need to get. there's two other great tracks that are still unknown to me. this awesome disco track, and another disco track with a classical edge.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Selected Sound - Cover Girl (1977)

     yeah this is another killer release from Selected Sound, and one that you never see floating around the net. it's "Cover Girl" from 1977. well about half of this record is killer, and the other half really isn't anything special. all the Carlo Savina tracks are kind of a bore to me, not my thing. the Andrzej Minkacz tracks on the other hand are dynamite, especially Dancing In The Street. i've come across some of these tracks on polish records under different names. i have to say though, my favourite track out of all of them is the lone track by Bogumil Starzynski, Show Is Open. great cover for this one too. (and since i said this on the old board: this one always reminds me of Stackjackson, since he loves his wordless vocals, haha).

Friday, November 21, 2014

Rouge - Let The Music Play (1977)

     here is one that i had to buy immediately upon first listen, actually within the first couple seconds really, it's Rouge's "Let The Music Play" from 1977. actually i only listened to the title track and instantly was hooked. it's certainly the best track i've heard in a long while. the whole a-side on this thing is flawless, such great stuff. Jack Trombey really delivers the goods. some Barry White rip-off alerts on here, and they're fantastic. the flip side is great too. the piano on Bourree is so damn catchy, been stuck in my head all day. my rip is a little crispy. when i bought it, the description of the product clearly stated near mint, and it's far from it. i took the annoying pops out. still, for me it doesn't get in the way of the music at all, cause it's so damn good. yeah i started peeling the stickers off, and obviously that didn't work out.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Selected Sound - Please Love Me Again (1977)

     here's one that hasn't been floating around. from my favourite library Selected Sound, "Please Love Me Again" from 1977. some real dynamite tracks on here, with the winner for me being the title track. it's so damn catchy. only two sub-par tracks, the rest are indeed 'super hits'. you'll definitely recognize some tracks here. i didn't even notice the writing/mark on the cover until i took the photo. luckily i was able to get most of it off. hope you enjoy!