Friday, March 6, 2015

Selected Sound - Music Racers (1976)

     obviously Selected Sound is my favourite library, since i've posted four of them now, haha. specifically the ST series (which sadly i don't see uploads for a lot). definitely own more SS than any other label. i wasn't doing anything tonight, so i thought i'd rip another record. this time just a bit earlier in the SS library. it's Selected Sound's "Music Racers", released in 1976. my main reason for buying this was for Nights Of Cologne, as heard in Wicked Sensations (1980)! the rest was pretty much going in blind, and Lipman doesn't disappoint. the track Peppino appears on a later record does it not? sure sounds familiar. the one that's killing me though is the really great track Concerto For Young Lovers, since i know for sure i've heard it in something, but can't remember what (*update: i found out that the track plays in Star Maidens*). i bought this one a while ago, around christmas time, though it stayed at my parents place for two months. finally got my hands on it last weekend. then from my hands, to the net haha. enjoy!

Selected Sound - Boogie Rock Explosion (1977)

     this one's kind of an odd one for me. it's not typically the music i'd really listen to. it was just a cheap throw in with some other stuff i got at the time. i tried looking around and hadn't seen it uploaded anywhere, so i figured i might as well rip it since there's probably someone here who would like it more than me. anyway, it's Selected Sound's "Boogie Rock Explosion", released in 1977. yeah it's just really uptempo boogie rock and roll the whole time. the type of music makes me instantly think of old PC mini golf games from the '90s, since all the ones i had played music like this. so yeah i've got nothing else to say, haha.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Intersound - Plastic Popsicle (1977)

     two records ago i posted a Gerhard Narholz heavy record with "Pearls", well now he's back for some more. this time with Intersound's "Plastic Popsicle" from 1977. John Fiddy wrote a handful of the tracks too, and of course his orchestra performs it all. this one is a damn classic to me, lots of funky disco. the first track, title track and Dreams Are Free are my favourites of the bunch, but the whole thing is great throughout. i know it's been uploaded before, but only in a 320 masked 128 rip (that i know of). for some reason the last tracks on both sides are a little bit worse in quality, the rest is pretty much mint though. a clean photo of the a-side label was impossible to take.