Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Intersound - Plastic Popsicle (1977)

     two records ago i posted a Gerhard Narholz heavy record with "Pearls", well now he's back for some more. this time with Intersound's "Plastic Popsicle" from 1977. John Fiddy wrote a handful of the tracks too, and of course his orchestra performs it all. this one is a damn classic to me, lots of funky disco. the first track, title track and Dreams Are Free are my favourites of the bunch, but the whole thing is great throughout. i know it's been uploaded before, but only in a 320 masked 128 rip (that i know of). for some reason the last tracks on both sides are a little bit worse in quality, the rest is pretty much mint though. a clean photo of the a-side label was impossible to take.

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