Thursday, February 15, 2018

Blacula (1972)

     no other film and its soundtrack mean more to me than 'Blacula'. the greatest blaxploitation movie and my second favourite record of all time. the stuff that gene page does for this film is out of this world. the film was one of the first blax films that i saw, and the funkyness got me right away. coming out in 1972 (the first definitive year of blax with other classics like 'Hit Man', 'Cool Breeze', 'Hammer', etc.) really helped give the genre its legs. the amazing thing about it is the family friendly nature really, cause this is certainly not a genre for that. but it works so well here. a while ago i compiled a list in chronological order of what i consider to be every blaxploitation film, which you can find here. out of the 234 films, this one takes that cake. and the soundtrack, oh man it's just incredible. pre-Barry White here Gene Page is a master. now the released soundtrack does have all the good tunes, but some of the versions are different than the ones that were used in the film.
     the main theme version that is on the soundtrack release is excellent, but i honestly prefer the film version. "Theme (Original)" from the film is much more in-your-face i'd say, and it just sounds like a theme. whereas the album version sounds more like a funky track that could appear anywhere in the film. the version of "Movin' (Original)" that is used in the film is the opposite however, the album version is much more lively than its film counterpart. the other stellar tracks "Run, Tina, Run!", "Good To The Last Drop", and "Firebombs", appear to be the same versions. creating the true soundtrack has been a long time coming.

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