Saturday, February 10, 2018

Denise Lopez - Every Dog Has Her Day!!! (1990)

     i first found out about this record years ago while searching for michael jay tracks, to this day it's still amazing late 80s pop. smash hit after smash hit on this one. actually both of her albums are so great, and that's pretty much her whole career. this second record definitely feels a little more polished all around. though i will say her first record packs in more uptempo tunes than this one, which makes me lean towards preferring that one. but a michael jay track here may be my favourite in her catalog. almost veers into new jack swing territory, just amazingly catchy. 

     Denise appears on the great "Cool As Ice" film. one of my favourite parts is when 'It's Just My Heart That's Breakin' is crankin' on the ghettoblaster towards the end of the film. personally i think the movie is way too heavily criticized, it's awesome. 

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