Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Aerobic Dance Program: Volume One

     with the recent aerobics discussion i'd been having, thought i'd throw up this old comp i made. it started out as a soundtrack to Eroticise, but as i was doing that the video got taken down before i had a chance to save it, and i never found another copy since. so then i just scrapped all the Network tracks and just made up my own listing. boogie-pop and funky-disco from around like '79 to '85. i've stripped the real names and composers, cause it's funnier that way. and of course i had to manipulate my own artwork as always. 30 minute workout!

01. Warm-Up Exercise
02. Aerobic Exercise (#1)
03. Aerobic Exercise (#2)
04. Waist Exercise
05. Leg Exercise
06. Breather (30s)
07. Stomach Exercise
08. Arm Exercise
09. Hip Exercise
10. Aerobic Exercise (#3)
11. Aerobic Exercise (#4)
12. Cool-Down Exercise


  1. Thanks, Zach! Beautiful compilation. It's just about perfect, with some pretty hilarious tunes... Great cover art too!

  2. A treat for the ears!
    I've been gone too long, Zach, because I seem to have forgotten your many unique comps and SS rips on this blog.
    Thank you, Zach!!