Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Luv' - For You (1989)

     i had always come across their records before, but was never impressed by any of them. then i was going through a bunch of japanese singles and came across a really great tune. so i went out to find if there was CD to go with it, well there kinda is. it's really a mini CD with only 6 tracks, but it is 30 minutes long. as a result though, every track is dynamite. with one exception being the medley at the end, which is just a medley of their older songs i never liked before. the first 15 seconds is new material though and fantastic, wish they wrote a whole song to go with the quick hook. the whole thing is a pure Stock Aitken Waterman sound-a-like. Nigel Wright really knew how to recreate that sound, so it's no wonder they got him to do the whole thing. as soon as i heard the track Naughty Boy i knew it had to be written by Farina Crivellente Fadinger, and sure enough it was. those guys really milked the hook in Love in the First Degree by Bananarama, making countless clones of it. not that this is a dis or anything, i love all of it. only released in the Netherlands, so it's a little obscure and harder to find.

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