Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Selected Sound - Metropolitan Sounds (1984)

        i really do love the Selected Sound ST series, as you can see since it's half of the stuff i upload, haha. well here comes number 161 titled "Metropolitan Sounds". not a killer record, but just a good solid one. i didn't know what the hell to expect when i got this, but it turned out to be laid back light funk and disco type stuff. my favourites are Latin Flutes and Cats & Chickens. though there's lots of good stuff here, not a single track i'd skip personally. this comes from pretty much the very end of my interest in library in 1984.


  1. Between yourself and the old Dustygems site, I'd say that accounts for about 90% of all SS I've ever heard of or listened to. This LP, ST 161, is no different.

    Thank you Zach, for broadening my musical horizons in addition to schooling me in Vintage Porn. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it, by golly!

    1. awesome! it's certainly my favourite label.

      haha, no problem!