Saturday, August 8, 2015

Minako Tanaka - 君の瞳に優しく (1990)


     a japanese only release for today, got it for one yen on japanese amazon. rare and impossible to find over here, but i guess it's really common over there. she released a ton of records, this being the first in her discography. i had also forgotten how i had found out about this, until i put it on. i mean i read somewhere that it sounded like Stock Aitken Waterman and i was able to preview one great song, so that's why i bought it. but when i put it on, i was like, "hey! that's a Michael Jay track!" then i had remembered that i had seen that he was credited for one tune on the CD and that's how i found out about it. though there is another one of his songs that goes un-credited on here. one of his two songs, 真紅の共犯者, is actually a cover version of a tune that he gave to Alisha called Love Will Talk. anyway the whole CD is great, i was pleasantly surprised. and yeah, the case got smashed. stays together quite nicely when it's closed though.

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