Sunday, August 9, 2015

Coloursound - Colours (1984)

     this was a blind buy back in the day. i just saw PRiTV and had to snag it. turned into one of my favourite library records along the way. the polish guys at their best, as always. it's number 45 from the Coloursound label entitled "Colours". funk and disco as i'm sure you all know, since you probably have it already. i saw that there was a rip going around, but i never found a link for it to know what the quality was like. so i was ripping this for myself anyway, and figured i'd throw this classic up for anyone who wanted some high quality rips. there's large pics in the zip if nothing else. the Piotr Kaluzny songs on here kill, but my favourite tune has to be Yellow Funk. Porn_Library actually first turned me onto this track, since it was on one of his comps, though he gave it a different name so i didn't know at the time. this cover art is pretty great too.

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